What People Say

“Tim & John delivered a workshop with the engineering students at Texas A&M Career Fair, sharing their expertise in Product Management and how to get roles in the tech industry. We felt inspired when hearing about their individual journeys to WeWork and Amazon and learning about their vision of the Future of Work. They left the students with amazing tips on how to get lucrative roles in the tech industry. We are incredibly thankful we invited them to Texas A&M.”
— Janett Hailey, Texas A&M Career Counselor

Tim’s impact on me can’t really be put into a few words honestly. Tim’s passion for career coaching, community, and people has led me to analyze not only what I’d like to do as a career, but how can I amplify my impact around my friends, family, coworkers, and peers. Tim has allowed for people to creatively think beyond the norm in today’s work culture and he’s leading others to do the same. What really stood out to me from Tim is that he’s not only an online persona but he TAKES ACTION and truly embodies everything he talks about in online platforms to offline communities. Tim will do anything for students and professionals when it comes to bettering the world around him and empowering them to take control of their careers.

Thank you so much for being on campus John, it was an honor to have you here at USC. Your content on YouTube really helped me to structure my resume well and also taught me the strategy to approach career fairs and talk to employees. I believe there has been a gap for all the information that is on the internet regarding the application process and getting into the tech industry and your content bridges that gap. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge with the students at USC.

Abhishek Pandey, USC

Thanks so much for that day, John! I attended your last talk on demystifying product management It was an extremely informative lecture, one that delivered everything students such as myself are curious about, and had me considering and reconsidering quite a few things in terms of how I'm planning to shape my career path. Great talk. Thanks again!

Madhuri Jujare

Tim is a career coach that embodies true leadership with a heart of gold. He isn’t just a leader by title, but by deeds. Leadership, to me, is service and adding value. Tim serves through his coaching and the impeccable content he creates on LinkedIn and other social platforms. His act of leadership is also evident in the amazing community – Mentors and Mentees – he created for professionals and students.  His coaching revived my perspective on succeeding in college and life. He taught me that: the work doesn’t start when I’m in my senior year of college, it starts right now. Tim doesn’t only coach, he empowers. Every organization, company, school, and community on planet Earth needs a Tim Salau among them. He positions you to thrive in your career and life!